02 Jul 2024

Has Windows started to show you Advertisments ?

Windows 11 users Start Menu will soon have ADVERTS thanks to MS - here's how to turn them off

  • The latest Windows 11 update will add adverts for apps to the Start Menu !

  • Luckily these adverts can be easily disabled with a simple settings change 


From Netflix to Amazon Prime, more and more online services are now beginning to fill up with pesky promotions.

  • But now Windows users won't even be able to open their internet browser before seeing adverts.

  • Microsoft will soon begin pushing adverts into the Start Menu of Windows 11 with the inclusion of 'recommended' apps. 

  • On social media, Windows users have been outraged by the decision to include ads in the operating system they have already paid £119.99 ($139) to access.

Luckily, there is an easy way to turn off the pesky adverts with a simple change to your device settings. 
How to disable adverts in the Windows 11 Start Menu

Windows users who have installed update KB5036980 will start to see 'suggestions  for new apps' in the Start Menu.

To turn these off, open Settings from the start menu.

Select the 'Personalisation' section.

Click on 'Start' and you will see a toggle labelled 'Show recommendations for tips, app promotions, and more'.

Toggle this off to permanently remove adverts from the start menu.  

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